Gift Set Assembly

Gift AssemblyFrom simple hand assembly projects to elaborate Gift Set assemblies, we can provide you with the capacity and production to meet your needs. We have many years of experience with major retailers and we are sure to provide you with quick turnarounds and quality results.

Horton Packaging will work together with your design team to ensure all of your gift set packaging needs are met - even if your project includes specialty packaging materials including colored shredded paper, cello wrap, custom foam inserts, filler material, printed labels, chipboard folding cartons, inner boxes or corrugated shipping cartons to name a few.

We have experience in managing the assembly of the following gift set and specialty kit items;

• Gift Set Assembly

• Specialty Kit assembly

• Retail Cosmetic Kit assembly

• Cellophane Wrapped basket assemblies

• Seasonal Gift Basket Assembly

• Multiple piece kits


• Shrink wrapping

• Custom kit assembly

• Kit fulfillment

• Personal hygiene kits

• Multi-Pack shrink wrap

• Other...

Limited time or lack of internal resources? At Horton Packaging, we can also make things easier for you by providing turnkey services from design to distribution, including the sourcing of raw materials for the job.